“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ― Noël Coward

Some people aren’t worthy of praise. They aren’t worthy of time and effort. I have come across them through the medium, and it didn’t take me long to throw them out of my life. They were not just degrading me but making fun of my writing. They were writing huge praises about my domestic violence experience in their posts while disrespecting my views on other social media channels.

Well, there was no need to show me this side of their damaged brain but then I cannot change the world. …

“I would try to save the life of someone for a just cause, even if I did not know them. But this is merely from trying to be a decent human being. As for my family and friends, there is no question that I would do what I could to save them, even if it meant dying.”

Pavane Ravel and I became writing friends when I joined Illumination publication last year. She was regularly writing here till April 2020 and after that, I can see she took some kind of break. I have no complaint. …

I hope for the world to heal. But healing happens on a personal level first. So I do my best to focus on healing myself.

Zul Bal is one of my all-time favorite writers on medium. The reason being — I have learned a lot from her articles because they always come from her personal experiences and learnings.

She has been writing for various publications including Age of Awareness, The Brave Writer, Illumination Curated, Middle Way, and more. She has more than 1k followers that are quite an achievement.

I have learned while reading her words that she is a trailblazer and she has always fascinated me with her knowledge on Yoga, traveling to different countries not just to visit but reside there and making…

A beautiful and inspiring tale of poems

Wilted Flowers
By Fizza Younis

You can easily get lost in this beautiful collection of poetry that talks about love, pain, courage, resilience, and strength in abundance.

A fiercely heart-wrenching and moving tale of poems that keeps on inspiring you with a message of believing in yourself and facing all hardships with spirit in bones.

I would sincerely consider it one of the best poetry books I happened to get my hands on and I couldn’t skip it for a bit and ended up finishing it in just one sitting.

My favorite poem is “You Must.”

If everyone loves you,

For Love. Love is always the answer :)

The Garrulous Glaswegian/ Alison Tennent is a brave writer who never hesitates to speak her mind. Her subjects are quite bold and she dares to challenge fake and stupid ideologies of the people.

When I first started reading her I became her fan in a glimpse of an eye because I have always adored women who don’t fear anything and speak the voice of their soul. She is one of them to me.

She has more than 1.1k followers and has been writing into Writer’s Blokke publication on topics like How I cured my depression and anxiety, When you claim…

Hope is one of the most essential parts of my life. I am someone who believes something is going to happen before it does. I place a lot of trust in my ability to transform hopes into reality.

Kern Carter is an amazing author of two books: Beauty Scars and Thoughts of a Fractured Soul. He has been running his own publication on a medium named Cry Magazine. He has more than 3000+ followers.

I first came across him through Instagram where I was approached to be a part of an upcoming CRY Event which took place in October 2020. It was an excellent opportunity for me to connect with people from different backgrounds sharing the same passion for ART.

Later on, I worked with him on different projects and found him extremely humble, helpful, and a great…

‘Seize this thing that is true, and real, and infinite. Yes, it is scary. But I believe living a lie is worse.’ — Anthony O’Hare (The Last Letter From Your Lover)

*I am not in any mood to write about the story of this movie. You can watch it on Netflix as it has been added there on 23rd July 2021. I am going to write my heart out, the kind of emotions, the feelings, the unsaid words, the longing for someone — that it has truly evoked in me.

Dearest Someone,

If you are alive and reading this then please read my first unsent letter to you here on this platform. I know your email address but I am not going to send any more letters/emails/greeting cards to you. …

Voices across the Globe — CALL FOR SUBMISSION

Dearest Medium Family :)

I am here to invite you all to participate in the ATC (A Global Anthology of Short Stories). I will be writing my story too as I have always been a part of platforms where I have found some genuine and extremely humble souls.

Jayanthi Sankar is an award winning author of two famous books — Dangling Gandhi and Misplaced Heads. I haven’t read these books but added them to my To-Be-Read list on Goodreads. I will soon be picking them up as I am an avid reader.

I came across her when she invited me…

If I could change anything it would be to change the ways of thinking people are born with that make me feel (as a gay man) like an outsider unless I live among dense concentrations of other queer people.

James Finn is a social activist who has been raising his voice against the crime of the LGBTQ community. He is an amazing writer sharing his personal experiences and sometimes a touch of humor in his articles sticks with you even after you are done reading the article.

He doesn’t hesitate to call spade a spade and that’s one of his best qualities. When I was new to medium I started reading his work. …

Human behavior intrigues me. I wish I had a magic wand, and I could make all the insecurities, doubts and questions go away.

Payal Koul is an active writer here at medium. I started reading her work after becoming the part of Illumination publication. Her words mainly revolve around health, life lessons, philosophy, training and development, and yoga practices.

I have found her extremely warm and gentle during all her interactions. She gives amazing tips on succeeding in professional life to how happiness shouldn’t be our only aim in life. Her articles make you think and encourage you to make amendments afterward.

It’s a blessing to know her via medium else I would have missed out on meeting such a wonderful woman. I…

Gurpreet Dhariwal

Author of “My Soul Rants: Poems of a Born Spectator”. Domestic Violence Survivor, Sketcher, Dog Lover, Poet. www.gurpreetdhariwal.com/

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