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  • Drashti Shroff

    Drashti Shroff

    Exploring a new Life in a Marriage in Ireland | Top Writer in Ideas | Authored 100+ stories | Open to freelancing | drashti.amol@gmail.com

  • Margie Willis

    Margie Willis

    Read the best writers at Medium → see my ongoing PAL (Pure Awesomeness Lists)!

  • Julie KingGood

    Julie KingGood

    Basically an introvert. An observer of human behavior, especially within the Christian community. I like to write through the broken places of my soul.

  • Neera Handa Dr

    Neera Handa Dr

    Top writer in poetry, compulsive, teacher, learner, I enjoy reading writing just about anything. I write daily, have published a PhD, a book, articles & poems.

  • Sweedle


    sister, polyglot, writer, INFP. “Currently struggling between good poems and bad stories”

  • Leonora Watkins

    Leonora Watkins

    Qualified counsellor and qualified queer. She/her.

  • Aria-Joshes Keeshan

    Aria-Joshes Keeshan

    Feminist Writer and Artist. Well known for her essays and interviews in UNSW’s Framework Arts Journal and her articles in The Hawkesbury Bushcare Newsletter.

  • Art Bram

    Art Bram

    Top writer in self-growth and inner child. I love to write because it gets me in touch with myself. Hopefully, it’s also helpful to others. So far, so good!

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